Tomcat server is open source web server with Servlet and JSP engine integrated into it. Most of the non-EJB/JMS applications are deployed on Tomcat. Even other Java EE servers like JBoss and TomEE use Tomcat for Servlet, JSP and web server capabilities.


What is the default password of tomcat manager application
How to login into tomcat web application manager. Configure tomcat-users.xml file present in conf folder of tomcat.

How to list current active sessions in Tomcat
List the currently active sessions in tomcat for monitoring and reporting purposes. Use tomcat web application manager for auditing purpose.

Tutorial to configure Tomcat in Eclipse IDE with Screenshots
Steps to add tomcat server in Eclipse Java EE IDE with screenshots. Configure apache server in IDE with bonus tips.

Show custom error pages in Tomcat
How to show custom 404 error page for all web applications and specific application in Apache Tomcat server. Sample error messages to be used for 404 pages.

How to clear JSP cache in Tomcat
JSP not reflecting changes after update is a common problem. Here are some tips to clear JSP cache in Tomcat server. a. Clear work folder b. clear browser cache.

Tomcat server components and terms
A list of famous terms in Tomcat server and description of each one of them. The logical reason for having the components like coyote, catalina etc.

How to get Installed Version of Tomcat server
Both developer and end user could be interested in knowing the version of tomcat server running.Some tips on how to find the same.

How to Run Multiple Tomcat Instances
Having limited resources in production, run multiple tomcat instances using the approach described here.Run Tomcat instances on Windows using this tool.

Tomcat Interview Questions and Answers
List of high quality Tomcat interview questions with answers. Most of the answers are available on this website only as full tutorials.Prepare well.

Configuring Connection Pooling in Tomcat
Configuration steps for adding database connection pool in Apache Tomcat web server. Editing and tweaking configuration files for Apache Tomcat.

How to deploy servlet on Tomcat
Tutorial on writing a servlet based web application and deploying it on the Apache Tomcat web server. Typical Java web application architecture.