Liferay is portal development product which comes with lot of features which can customized in any way the developer wants. Individual portlets can be created which can communicate among themselves and provide a web application experience. The advantage of using Liferay is that it provides the necessary infrastructure code for commonly required components like Calendar, LDAP, themes and Web services etc.


What is Liferay
Introduction to portals and role of Liferay in the portal products. Links to various resources associated with Liferay.

Answers to Liferay Interview Questions
Liferay Interview questions and answers list. List of all topics that could be asked in a Liferay interview for a job. Linked from official liferay forums.

50 Liferay Interview Questions
Any Liferay interviewer will ask questions from the following list of high quality 50 liferay questions. Includes questions from almost all topics in Liferay

Best Liferay Books
Liferay has very limited documentation on the advanced topics like hooks etc. Read the books for more in-depth knowledge.