Dojo is an open source JavaScript framework which has strong support for inheritance. Almost every aspect of Dojo can be customized. It comes with a number of widgets out of the box including Buttons, Ajax Loaders, Grid, Filtering Select etc.


Adding animations and effects in dojo
Various ways in which animation effects can be added in a web application written in Dojo.API methods which can be used for adding animations in web2.0.

How to send post request in dojo
Sending an Ajax HTTP POST request using Dojo code. Adding callback methods for Ajax request sent from Dojo.

Delete item from store in dojo
How to delete items from a Dojo store as and when required dynamically while running a web application. Sample code to perform the deletion of items.

Search store items in dojo
How to perform a search for particular item in a Dojo store using JavaScript code. Once item is found, we can invoke a call back method of our choice.

Clear dojo FilteringSelect and ComboBox
Code to delete all items being displayed by a Combobox or FilteringSelect using Dojo code as shown in this tutorial.

List of dojo button iconclass
Icon classes provide extra richness to the buttons created using Dojo. There are multiple icon classes and each one has its own purpose.

Ajax show busy loader in Dojo
How to roll out a good loading dialog when sending Ajax requests or performing some execution in Dojo based web application.

Create generic dialog box in Dojo
Tutorial on how to create a nice overlay dialog box using Dojo. Also customize the look and feel of the Dojo based dialog box.

Export Data from Grid in Dojo
Tutorial on how to export grid table data to a CSV file using Dojo, JavaScript and iFrames. Plugin for exporting data without page refresh in Dojo.

Best Dojo books
Since the documentation for dojo toolkit is very limited, it is advisable to read a couple of books on Dojo while developing for the web.