Dzone Android RefCard

– Refcards from are very popular. With this android refcard, you will get to know all the steps required for creating and publishing new application.

Android cheat-sheet for graphic designers

– Use this cheat sheet for referring to various screen sizes, drawable resources and icon packs.

Design Patterns

Core Java Design Patterns Reference

– The Core Java patterns have been divided into categories viz: Creational, Structural and Behavioral.

Java EE Design Patterns Quick Reference

– Enterprise applications based on Java EE face a lot of issues when running in distributed environment and hence patterns like Session Facade, Business Delegate and Service Locator have been devised.


Dojo 1.8 Cheat Sheet

– This showcases all the stuff which can be done by using the Dojo library including various widgets.

Dojo API CheatSheet

– A quick reference to the API of dojo ranging from JSON handling, Ajax requests and DOM Manipulation.


Cheat Sheet on Eclipse by University of St. Andrews

– Work smartly with Eclipse by using the tips provided in this cheat sheet.


HTML5 tags cheat sheet

– See all tags (old and new) which can be used in HTML5. The tags which have been deprecated have been removed from this cheat sheet.

Core Java

IO Class Hierarchy

– Java’s reader/write and input-stream/output-stream class hierarchy at a glance.

Collections Framework Hierarchy

– Collections are the most widely used java api. There are so many types of collections, each one for some specific purpose.

Exception Hierarchy Diagram

– It is important to handle appropriate exceptions as suitable for the scenario. Use this diagram to refer various class in the exception hierarchy.

Java EE

Servlets and JSP Quick Reference

– Developing web applications? Checkout this pdf for web app directory structure, Session handling, HTML and JavaScript.


JavaScript cheat sheet

– JavaScript functions and API reference.


JUnit Quick Reference

– JUnit test cases, test suites and assert statements.

JUnit Cheat Sheet from University of Washington

– Use these annotations for crating JUnit based test cases for your code.


Dzone Liferay CheatSheet

– Liferay is a portal suite which can be used to create portlets.


Maven Cheatsheet

– Use this cheat sheet for learning how to create new project, import projects, add plugins and build project.

Spring Framework

Spring Annotations

– Using XML based configuration for your Spring MVC project can be very difficult to maintain. Use the annotations to reduce the amount of code.

Spring Dynamic Modules

Use dynamic modules feature of Spring for using OSGi along with Spring framework.

Spring web flow

– Creating work flow based applications like shopping cart or pizza delivery website? Use Spring web flow to make your life easy.


Struts1 flow diagram

– If there is one framework which have had been most popular for MVC design pattern, it’s Struts1 framework which allows creation of web MVC applications very easy.

Struts2 cheat sheet

– Struts2 is an awesome MVC framework and has been used in many enterprise web applications.


Tomcat Administration CheatSheet

– Tomcat administration requires a lot of experience with the server as all the good code written in the applications can go for nothing if the server is not configured properly.

Web Services

REST CheatSheet

– Concepts of REST web services summarized in a nice way. Reference to famous projects, books and other resources.

REST Security CheatSheet from OWASP

– Security cheat sheet from OWASP for REST web services.