How to add GridView in Android app tutorial

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October 4, 2016
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December 23, 2017

How to add GridView in Android app tutorial

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Lot of people prefer to see all the information needed in front of their faces, they want access to a large amount of information at the same time while using their phones.

This is possible with android , but if you are using the list view widget , maybe the number of information is limited by the screen , and you have to scroll down/up to have access to another data.
So, the solution here , is to use the gridview layout , it’s one of the most useful layouts in android. The gridview is useful when we have show data in grid style like displaying icons+text or images+text. This layout can be used to build applications like gallery, audio or video players in order to show elements in a grid way.

In this example , you will learn how to integrate this component into your android application by making a bookcase example containing various books.
We notice that if you are familiar with android’s listView component, you should feel right at home here.

The source code is available at

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How to add GridView in Android app tutorial