How to create ViewPager with swipe animation

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June 23, 2016
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September 27, 2016

How to create ViewPager with swipe animation

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You are obviously, someday, find that making a gallery or a slider in an android application is way more complex.

The android Os never ceases to amaze us with the variety of its features, making a gallery or a pager become easy with the Viewpager widget, which exists in the support library.

The viewpager can behave like a slider , and its allows you to swipe left or right to switch between different views in the same screen. The ViewPager uses a PagerAdapter whose job is to supply views to the MainActivity similar to what a ListAdapter does for a ListView.

In this tutorial , we will show you how to implement a ViewPager by using views and PagerAdapter.

We notice that it can be useful with fragments too , and gives you a much more possibilities to handle data inside the views.

The source code is available at

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How to create ViewPager with swipe animation